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Many people wish to remove the burden from their love ones and pre-plan their funeral.

At Lakeland Funeral home we’ll privately discuss the arrangements you wish to make, document those decisions and keep them as a permanent record.

We believe that pre-planning is good business, it not only takes the stress and confusion from your love ones but allows you to manage your situation properly with out emotion or financial hardship on your family at a later date.

If you do not wish to pay for your funeral at the time you make your prearrangements no payment is necessary, we understand some individuals have paid up insurance or other finances that will be used for this. Once you have made your arrangement decisions, if need be a payment schedule can be established that will comfortably fit your budget.

We use a burial policy to pay for your service if you wish to make payment arrangements through Lakeland Funeral Home. Your payment is made directly to the insurance company and does not go into the funeral home account till time of need, when all your wishes have been fulfilled. We can write this burial plan for almost any one up to 84 (eighty four) years of age. You may pay in lump sum or take up to 5 (five) years to pay.

Protect your family from having to make those decisions at a difficult time.

Call us at Lakeland Funeral Home and schedule a pre-planning conference with no cost or obligation. Directing families to good decisions is what we do best.


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